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Robert Herr


Today CHRISTOPHE HERR leads the traditional family company ROBERT HERR CUCKOO CLOCKS in the 5th generation.


The cuckoo clock company was founded in the year 1868 and is the oldest existing manufacturer of BLACK FOREST CLOCKS.




Christophe Herr creates cuckoo clocks, develops new designs and reproduces old classical models which have found national and international a special place.


As one of many examples you see it´s the newest model. This is a reproduction of a clock from the year 1850.
The good call of our products concerning quality, optics and precision provided for the fact that the customer circle of the collector reaches till the nobility. In the time of the Black Forest clocks-boom worked till the 70s in our company more than forty employees, and produced standard clocks. Since 1981, however, one has reflected again on the roots of the Black Forest clocks-production, and produces excluding unique pieces. In the pure family company, the father and son work, are made excluding unique specimens which are tuned individually to the customer. The company ROBERT HERR sells no more to retailer, but offers her products exclusively in the home store, or in own Online shop. Attention also finds with piece competitions the piece art of the family HERR, over and over again active.

If you are interested in our clocks you can come in our shop. The shop is right next to the old unique and traditional workshop. By appointment we can also make a tour in our workshop and show how make our unique original black forest cuckoo clock.

ROBERT HERR Kuckucksuhren-Unikate
Triberger Str. 38/40
78136 Schonach
Tel.: +49 (0) 7722/5274
Fax: +49 (0) 7722/7573